About Me


Awakening of a Poet

Poetry has been an unexpected friend on a curvaceous, mountainous journey. I began writing poetry in the Spring 2009 after going through a state of grief.  This led me to feeling open enough to received what felt like a download of words, that became poems. Although poetry had not been all that appealing to me prior to this challenging time, I relished the new feeling of "being in the moment" of "creative flow". I appreciatively felt like a vessel. This gift, that had been lying dormant for many years, was joyfully welcomed and awakened. My intention now is to share my poetry as a heartfelt, soulful experience that  uplifts, heals, and feels good. I'm honored to share what I love with you. Thank you for listening.


Loving what I do

I am a self taught poet. The poet within me came to my awareness as an adult, to my delightful surprise. It's never too late to discover gifts about yourself. I'm honored to be a channel of poetry. Writing and expressing my poetry is often a timeless, in-the-moment- good-feeling type of energy that I hope is felt by others when I share my work.  My poetry  is often described as  heartfelt, wise, simple, deep, fun, sexy, humorous, whimsical, spiritual, sensual, loving. Even those that don't typically like poetry, tell me that they enjoy my poems. Just thinking about that in this moment brings a smile to face and touches my heart. I feel blessed for the opportunity to do what I love; and that others enjoy it too.


Who am I?

Who Am I?

Today...I'm a bit of whimsy

I'm a Lavish Lover...Lover of Life

A Genuine Hugger

Easy Smiler

Afro wearin'

Occasional swearin'

In-the-moment lovin'

Runway walkin'

Pleasure positive talkin'

Freestyle dancin'

Nature baskin'

Guitar-playing wanna-a-be 

A Collage creatin'

Photo takin'

Femininity fan

A Love Messenger

Appreciation seeker

Joy encourager

A vessel of poetry

And creative expression

And Tomorrow ...

I'll be even more

More to explore and adore

In addition to writing poetry,  I enjoy modeling, photography, voice-over and on-camera acting, traveling and blending them together as a form of artistic expression. 

"I believe that there are endless possibilities to expand our joy on the playground of Life. I'm a mixture of youthfulness, joy, and wisdom. Thriving with the love of variety, I appreciate being both a student and a teacher in my Life" - Marshay



I have a healthy appetite for creating acronyms!! Haha! Just a quick side note about me. 

I feel fruitful and filled  with appreciation for the opportunity to share poetry. I also deeply appreciate the responses that I have received for expressing my poetry. I recognize that people don't have to share what they think, but it's a gift when they do share from their truth, from their hearts. I have learned that it feels vulnerable to share if I make it about me or worry about the outcome. It's an honor and joy to share when I make it about others; giving to others. When I focus on serving others and creating an uplifting experience, by having fun in the moment... that is the most fulfilling. - Marshay

C. Vu says...

VERY proud of you Marshay, you performed beautifully! You were meant to be up there. You are stunning.

P. Ahn says...

Marshay!!! That was positively HOT! You are so gifted, in so many ways. Let your light shine on! Love you loyal ones.

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B. Palm says...

Amazing Marshay!

C. Montgomery

Beautiful job...beautiful delivery, beautiful presentation. Just plain beautiful all the way around.  Great job! Waiting for more, more, more..."