Made For You

I mostly write from personal inspiration, yet inspiration can come from anywhere.  I'm greatly influenced by the topics of Love and Nature. I write and perform poetry for events, such as parties, promotions, weddings, spiritual centers, businesses, etc. for joy and entertainment. I mostly perform poetic pieces from my personal inspirations; and sometimes from custom pieces as well. Let me customize a poem just for you, a loved one, a friend, a product, an event, etc.  I love travel and I am happy to travel within and outside of the Seattle area. 

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Learning about what is important to you, what message you want to share, and what theme is at the core of your desires is a fun conversation to have; from there inspiration unfolds and poetry flows as a gift to you. Let's sit down and chat, and create something enjoyable. Contact me, I'd love to hear from you. 


On The Horizon

Stay tuned for upcoming developments... poetry books, journals, cards, a poetry tour, and more!