Model. Actress. Voice Over. Poet



Personal: Made For You

I perform poetic pieces from my personal inspirations; and I create custom pieces as well. For me, learning about what's important to you, what message you want to share, and what theme is at the core of your desires is a fun conversation to experience. From there, the process unfolds and the poetry flows with your personal touches at the forefront.  I'm greatly influenced by subjects related to Love, Sensuality, Spirituality, and Positive Aspects, and Inspiring Relationships.  Although rates will vary based on each individual project, I'll do what I can to work with you within your budget. Let me customize a poem just for you, a loved one, a friend, for an anniversary, a wedding, or as a unique gift... a personalized experience. Contact me... Let's create some joy! 


Business: Supporting your Objectives

I write and perform poetry for events, such as parties, promotions, weddings, spiritual centers, for businesses and products. I enjoy performing my poetry because it feels so good to serve and share in such a personal way.   I like creating joyful environments; adding  joy can bring a moment of reprieve from the harsh challenges of Life. Praise, passion, and positivity can create productivity in a happy home or work environment  I'd love to learn more about your objectives, intentions, goals, agenda, etc..and discover how poetic entertainment can benefit you and the people in your environment. Let's sit down and chat, and create something enjoyable for your business, your event, your party, your launch, your product, etc.  I love travel and I'm happy to travel within and outside of the Seattle area for performances. Rates vary based on the scope of your project. Contact me to find out what will best serve you and your objectives. I look forward to hearing from you. 


On The Horizon

Stay tuned for upcoming developments... my first poetry book! 

I'm delighted to be in collaboration with Kris Parfitt of Story Launch Media to birth this poetic baby!

Find out how you can be the first one to get your copy or how you can get your name published in the book as a supporter of this project. I welcome your love and support in whatever way your heart is moved to share. 

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